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The Coloring Book of (Scientifically Accurate) Dinosaurs

The Coloring Book of (Scientifically Accurate) Dinosaurs

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The prehistoric world and those creatures that inhabited it have held the interest of paleontology fans of all ages. Our knowledge of these animals expands with each passing year, but outdated and incorrect ideas still persist in modern media.

This coloring book strives to challenge those inaccuracies by introducing media that included research to produce scientifically plausible, yet still slightly stylized, dinosaurs. Inside this book, you will find 26 illustrations of dinosaurs species, ranging from their origins in the Triassic, to the modern species that survived the end-Cretaceous extinction event.

Each page contains an illustration of varying difficulty, the dinosaurs’ genus, the era it lived in, the area it was discovered in, and a few facts about the animal in question.

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